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Service Information and spare parts catalog for Mercedes

Service Information and spare parts catalog for Mercedes

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Parts catalog version 10.2018

Workshop Information System version 10.2020

Mercedes WIS/ASRA Net is an information base for the repair of ALL passenger cars and off-road vehicles, light and large-capacity utility vehicles, trucks and buses, smart and UNIMOG tractors MERCEDES of the European and American markets. The program contains a huge amount of detailed information on the repair of all units, electrics, motor and gearboxes, a description of the operations.

Car enthusiasts and novice drivers will find in the electronic database a manual for diagnosing Mercedes-Benz malfunctions, information on body repair, mechanical and automatic transmissions, information on calculating the rate of hours.

Workshop Information System contains detailed information on the repair of manual transmissions and automatic transmissions of Mercedes transmissions.

Mercedes-Benz Wis contains a full version of the repair documentation (about eight languages). The documentation also contains illustrated instructions describing installation, dismantling, disassembly, assembly, the process of adjustment, calibration and tuning of Mercedes-Benz car assemblies and units, pinout of connectors, information on body dimensions.

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