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Cumins insite 8.7 [2023] Diagnostic software

Cumins insite 8.7 [2023] Diagnostic software

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Technical details of automotive software:

Brand: Cummins 
Name: Cumins insite 8.7
Date of update: 2023
Type: Diagnostics Software
Languages: English
Operating system: Windows 10/11
Instructions: Included in the package
Installation: 1 PC


If you want to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with Cummins engines, Cummins Insite 8.7 Engine Diagnostic Software Pro is the perfect solution. This software program provides access to engine data, enables users to perform diagnostic tests, and allows them to create custom reports. You can buy Cummins Insite 8.7 Engine Diagnostic Software Pro in our store, Service-Manuals-Online, and download it easily.

Cummins Insite 8.7 Engine Diagnostic Software Pro offers new features and enhancements, such as support for additional engine models and improved diagnostic capabilities. This subscription-based software program can be used with a laptop, making it easy for authorized Cummins technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair issues with Cummins engines.

Cummins Insite Features:

  • Travel and vehicle details
  • Feature and parameter adjustment
  • Detailed wiring schematics and maps of where the sensors are located
  • Details pertaining to faults
  • Diagnostics based on fault codes and symptoms
  • Diagnostic checks for the engine (Injector cut-out, EGR valve, turbo, etc.)
  • Programs for making templates for a collection of vehicles
  • Audit trail details
  • Improved security for Electronic Control Modules (ECMs)
  • Orders for work
  • Integrated support and troubleshooting
  • Download calibration files
  • Graphical observation

Cummins Insite Pro offers even more enhanced features such as upgrading ECM applications, adjusting fuel/air ratios, and controlling PTO. With Cummins Insite, you can quickly obtain the engine information you need to reduce downtime, ensure correct diagnoses, and boost output and revenue.

Cummins Insite Lite and Cummins Insite Pro are two versions of the Cummins Insite diagnostic software. Insite Lite provides practically all of the features of Insite Pro, while Insite Pro has all the features that most shops would require to repair a Cummins engine. You can buy either version of the software in our store, Service-Manuals-Online, and download it easily.

When choosing which version to buy, keep in mind that Cummins INSITE is one of the most demanding diagnostic tools available and requires a strong CPU and lots of RAM. Running it on an older machine may result in significant delays and lengthy load times.

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