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The Liebherr Group, which includes more than 130 companies in the world, was founded in 1949, in Germany.
It occupies a leading place in the world in the production of construction equipment, as well as cranes, dump trucks, etc..

Liebherr has created one of the largest (2nd in the world, after BelAZ) mining dump trucks with a lifting capacity of almost 400 tons!
For such huge in size equipment, proper maintenance is also required.
It is necessary to carry out a scheduled technical inspection in time with troubleshooting, this will help to use the equipment in the most difficult conditions for a long time.

For proper maintenance, original manuals are needed, as well as spare parts catalogs.
Our online store has on sale the most complete manual and spare parts catalog for Liebherr Group products, namely:
- Lidos COT LBH LFR LHB LWT Spare Parts Catalog & Service Documentation.

To get started, you need to make a purchase, use the issued data to log in to the server and you can already use the online manual and spare parts catalog from anywhere in the world!
When you purchase, you get free online delivery in the shortest possible time.

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