Collection: Komatsu

The popular Japanese multinational corporation Komatsu was founded in 1921.
For a long time, it has turned from a small company into a giant corporation with many subsidiaries.

Komatsu ranks second in the world, after Caterpillar, in the production of construction and mining equipment.

Thanks to this achievement, most of the equipment on the construction site belongs to this brand and this is an indicator of quality.
In addition, it is practical, a large number of spare parts are available for owners of equipment.

But it is not enough to have a large number of spare parts, you need to know which part is needed to repair Komatsu.
Our online catalog, which contains all the spare parts numbers, will help in this, it will ease the difficulties of repair.
And we also have an online manual for Komatsu equipment, which will be useful for repairs.
This is the best and most convenient solution for the repair procedure, there is no need to download huge manuals, just connect to an online server.
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