Volvo, affordable repair solutions.

Volvo, affordable repair solutions.

Volvo offers a range of online programs and resources to support their customers with truck repair and maintenance. These programs include:

  1. Volvo Impact: This is a web-based service and parts information platform that allows Volvo truck owners and service technicians to access a vast database of repair and maintenance information, including service manuals, wiring diagrams, parts catalogs, and more. Impact is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for technicians working in the field.

  2. Volvo Prosis: Prosis is a software program that provides access to service and repair information for Volvo construction equipment, as well as for some models of Volvo trucks. Prosis allows technicians to quickly and easily access detailed information about the equipment or vehicle they are working on, including diagrams, specifications, and step-by-step repair instructions. Prosis is also available online, making it easy to access from any location.

  3. Volvo Service Point Online: This online portal allows customers to manage their service and repair needs for Volvo trucks and construction equipment. Customers can schedule service appointments, view service histories, and access repair and maintenance information. Service Point Online is a convenient tool for fleet managers and truck owners who need to keep track of multiple vehicles.

  4. Remote Programming and Diagnostics: Volvo's Remote Programming service allows technicians to perform software updates and diagnostics on Volvo trucks from a remote location. This can save time and reduce downtime for the vehicle, as technicians can diagnose and fix problems without needing to be physically present with the vehicle.

  5. Genuine Volvo Parts Online: Volvo dealerships and service centers offer a wide range of genuine Volvo parts and accessories, which are specifically designed for use with Volvo trucks and construction equipment. Customers can order parts online and have them shipped directly to their location, making it easy to get the parts they need quickly and conveniently.

Overall, Volvo's online programs and resources are designed to make truck repair and maintenance as easy and convenient as possible. By providing access to detailed repair and maintenance information, as well as online tools for managing service needs and ordering parts, Volvo is helping their customers keep their trucks and equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

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